The Third Annual Reproductive, Genetic & Biotechnology Conference

On October 20, 2017, Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Genetics clinic iVF Riga and iVF Riga Stem Cell Centre with the support of partner companies Merck, Biosan, Fima, Origio, Gedeon Richter, Vitrolife, Inbio, BioAvots, Medilink, Benu, AGA, Interlux, ViaMedPharma, have organized and hosted the Third Annual International Reproductive, Genetic & Biotechnology Conference. The venue of the conference was Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel (Riga, Latvia).

In her opening speech, Head of iVF Riga Clinic Dr. Violeta Fodina has paid particular attention to the development of personalized medicine in Latvia and emphasized the need to be in step with the times and develop cellular technologies in this country.

More than 170 participants from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Russia gathered to listen to speakers from well-known world's leading research institutes and scientific laboratories involved in the cellular technologies implementation and the development of genetics. We are very proud that the leading experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, England, Israel, Spain, Belgium shared their experience about new researches and advanced techniques in the field of genetics, cell therapy and reproductology.

The programme of the conference included two sessions. The first session was dedicated to cellular technologies and regenerative therapy. Fillipo Zambelli, the representative of Vrije University, Brussel (Belgium) shared his knowledge about the clinical application of stem cells in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Adomas Bukauskas from the Vilnius University Hospital spoke about the possibilities of applying mesenchymal stem cells in graft-versus-host disease. Particular attention of the participants was paid to the questions of cellular products quality control and their application effectiveness. Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, PhD, Associate Professor from Karolinska Institute and University Hospital (Sweden) answered the question how far is the science in the field of using stem cells as a potential source for male gametes. 

The second session was dedicated to genetics and reproductive medicine. Experienced specialists from Latvia, Spain, United Kingdom and Sweden spoke about their achievements using preimplantation genetic testing (PGS and PGD) to increase the chances of getting pregnancy and give birth to a genetically healthy child. Speakers was also focused on quality control in genetic researches.

A particular impression on the participants of the conference made Dr. Zita Krūmiņa from Rīga Stradiņš University, Department of Biology and Microbiology, who shared case reports about stem cell transplantation in rare genetic disorders.

It should be noted that, according to experienced specialists, the conference was held at a high international level – and we are very proud of this!

iVF Riga clinic hopes that this conference was useful for all its participants. We would like to thank everyone and invite to continue this tradition the next year!

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