"Ikea" stores also planned in Latvia and Estonia

Icelandic businessmen who are planning to open Swedish furniture and home products company "Ikea" store in Lithuania are also considering expansion into the Latvian and Estonian markets, the Estonian newspaper "Aripaev" reports.

A year ago, "Ikea" spokesperson told the newspaper that the company was not planning to open stores in Latvia or Estonia, adding that "Ikea" stores could open in Lithuania in three to four years.

Now it has been decided that construction of an "Ikea" store not far from the Vilnius Airport will begin next spring.

"Ikea" is now also considering expansion into Latvia and Estonia, though this is not due to the company's own initiative, but two enterprising Icelandic businessmen - brothers Sigurdur and Jon Palmason.

The two businessmen's spokeswoman confirmed to "Aripaev" that they were planning to also enter the Latvian and Estonian markets.

"Once the Lithuanian store has been successfully launched, the next step is to open stores in neighboring states Latvia and Estonia," she said. 

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January 9, 2012

ikea cieniitaajs 

09.01.2012 18:19
Neticu, ka būs, bet kad būs, tad priecāšos.


16.12.2012 18:55
Wow. Super news. Looking forward to the store opening in Latvia already! Can't wait! <3 IKEA


08.08.2014 22:04
Are you still planning on opening a store in Riga and if so, when? Thanks!

Ikea fans 

30.12.2014 11:45
Jaunākās ziņas no news.err.ee (13.11.2014.): Nākošais Ikea veikals būšot Rīgā. Paldies īslandiešu brāļiem! (Žēl, protams, ka pati Ikea rausta degunu, metot skatienu pāri Baltijas jūrai.) Līdz 2019.g. esot plānots atvērt Ikea arī Igaunijā.


19.07.2016 11:25
Just came back home to Riga from IKEA store in Vilnius. Not very convenient, I would say. Driving 300 km with the back of your car loaded full of desks, shelves and cupboards, constantly sliding and bumping against car's walls and windows. Damn it! It is a disgrace that you have to go to another country to buy a top for your desk! I could never understand why anybody would think that not having an IKEA store in Riga is a good idea.

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