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AIWA Clinic, the first and only private private hospital in Latvia, offers diagnostics, the widest spectrum of surgery, and post-operative rehabilitation. The AIWA Clinic is built on the concept of the best medical facilities in Europe, offering high-quality medical care to patients in cozy rooms and hotel rooms. AIWA Clinic has a team of practitioners of more than 50 top professionals in Latvia. We listen to each patient's problems and go into the details of the medical history. It is important to us that the doctor and patient have a special relationship, a deep trust, and an interest in the result, which is very important when starting a successful treatment.


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Medical assistance in outpatient care. Surgical clinic Hospital.
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Medical services, Therapy, internist, Cardiology, Gastroenterologist,
Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Fibrogastroscopy, Neurosurgeon, neurosurgical operations,
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Nutrition specialist. Traumatologist orthopedist, arthroscopy, treatment
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Magnetic resonance, MRT, MR, Ultrasonography, USG, 3D Trus, transrectal
ultrasonography with 3D image processing. Electrocardiography, ECG,
Echocardiography, Dopplerography, Laboratory tests. Skin neoplasms.
Gallstones diseases. Hernia. Gastric bypass surgery. Stomach reduction
surgery (vertical gastroplasty).