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Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Funeral wreath
Hearse services
Hearse services
Folk blanket for a coffin with fringes
Slippers, white
Slippers, black
Folk blanket for a coffin
A wooden coffin
A wooden coffin, glossy varnished
Coffin draped
Coffin draped, varavīksne
Transport for companions
Funeral music
Master of Mourning Ceremonies
The spiritual ceremony at the funeral


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Agency "Farewell" has been providing funeral services since 1993. of the year and resolves all issues that arise after a person's death: burial, cremation, secular ceremony and religious rituals, preparation of documents, assistance in receiving benefits, transportation from Latvia to other countries, maintenance and improvement of burial grounds. The agency cooperates with the State Social Insurance Agency( VSAA) and insurance companies.
Clients are accepted in three offices, in the center - Bruninieku street 64; In Gaiļezera - Hipokrāta Street 2, k. 17 and Braļu kapu district - Aizsaules Street 1.

"Farewell" offers various goods for funerals and burial accessories in a wide assortment - coffins, crosses, funeral wreaths and other goods for farewell ceremonies, various musical accompaniments at funerals, all of which can also be ordered remotely in the online store.


Product catalog

Specialists will promptly and professionally respond to the incident - regardless of where the accident occurred - at home, in the hospital or an accident outside the home - 15% discount for all services.



* Burial, farewell ceremony.
* Cremation, organization of cremation.
* Benefit for funeral or cremation, preparation of documents.
* Funeral accessories - coffins, wreaths * Transport for escorts.
* Improvement and maintenance of graves.
* Repatriation.
* Mortuary and mortuary services.



Undertaker's office in Riga. 24-hour morgue, morgue services, assistance. Late transportation from Latvia to from abroad to Latvia, Russia, Europe, CIS countries. Funeral accessories. Coffins, funeral wreaths, flowers, flower bouquets, funeral bouquets, order online, online. Wooden crosses, wooden cross orthodox, plate at the cross in black, golden color, funeral wreath, mourning ribbon, national blanket, will cover the coffin for the deceased Orthodox, slippers white, black, granite benches, grave curbs, border sarcophagus, sarcophagus. Funeral music violin, trumpet, organ, sax. The spiritual farewell ceremony. Master of Ceremonies. Transport for burial. Hearse, hearses. Transfer of the deceased to the morgue. Tombstone making, ordering. Cemeteries and grave care, improvement. Stone plates. Tombstones. Document processing, Death certificate. Receiving benefits from the State Social Insurance Agency. Social benefit 430 euros. Pensioner's Spouse Benefit. Benefit from the Russian Embassy. Funeral benefit. Notarized translation of death certificate. Funeral planning, obligations, life insurance. Financial services for burial, for cremation, for repatriation. Order a funeral, cremation online, online, on internet. Transporting the body of a dead person from abroad to Latvia. Late international transfer. Graveyard cleaning after 40 days. Regular cleaning of the grave site during the absence of loved ones. Reconstruction and beautification of graves. Monument installation. Construction of a new grave site, decoration, purchase. Medical certificate for the cause of death, death certificate. Grave digging, Temporary funeral, Funeral master, Religious denominations pastors in funeral ceremonies, religious faith pastors at funeral ceremonies, Funeral ceremony masters, Carrier services, funeral coffers. Farewell hall, Chapel, zinc coffins, wooden coffins, draped coffins, sarcophagus, standard coffins by order, Cremation urns, cremation urns, Cross the cross plates, Covers, national blankets, funeral candles, funeral wreaths, funeral bands, funeral accessories, Coffin soldering, zinc coffin opening. Escorting to cemetery, Placing in a coffin, Burial. Gravedigger,
Capricorn in Riga, Riga region. Funeral agent, funeral agent, funeral musicians, funeral shop, coffin covers, concrete grave curbs. Stone crosses, candlesticks, urns, vases. 24-hour funeral agency, singer at the funeral, full range of funeral services, a full range of funeral services. Funeral time reservation, funeral day booking, burial site booking, grave digging ordering, civil sendoff, funeral masters, funeral advice. Pastors in funeral ceremonies, masters of funeral ceremony, memorial service, cremation ceremony, hall for funeral feasts, farewell hall, chapels, funeral in the Church, coffin by individual order, funeral bouquets, bus for funerals, hearse transport services, funeral service at the cemetery, examination of the cause of death, spiritual sendoff, granite grave curbs, engraving in stone. Tombstones, plates, fences, benches, graveyard benches.