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Business data

  • EUR 71144 / 2009
  • EUR 15000 / 2009
  • EUR 50000 / 2009
  • 6
  • Estonia, Lithuania, Russian Federation
  • Exporter, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40003037857
  2. LV40003037857
  3. 21.10.1991
  4. Carnikavas nov., Carnikava, Nēģu iela 55, LV-2163
  5. 2016


AviaTech Bureau is an engineering and legal bureau organising and supporting the procedure for obtaining type certificates by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for aircraft manufactured under the jurisdiction of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), as well as organises and supports the procedure for obtaining type certificates (IAC AR, Rosaviation) for aircrafts produced under the jurisdiction of EASA. 


MOOG, ULTRA, DOWTY, BOFORS, NOBEL, servo and proportional valves,
hydraulic and oil hydraulic equipment, oil hydraulic motors, oils accumulators,
pumps with variable deliverance, Avia TechService, Intest, LNK, intest LNK,
BOFORS servovalve delivery and repair, hydraulic, equipment supply,
MOOG certified laboratory, MOOG servo proportion, valves, Supply
of European hydraulic equipment, pumps, distributors, valves, delivery
in the Baltic States, delivery Latvia, delivery Lithuania, delivery EE,
delivery Estonia, Baltika, Pribaltika, MOOG servovalves, hydraulic equipment,
hydronit, mini hydraulic stations, pump stations, INTEST offers,
hydraulic equipment delivery, hydraulic equipment manufacturing,
production ensuring in compliance with the specifications, delivery
of necessary components, hydraulic equipment maintenance, technological
equipment maintenance, necessary spare parts supply, hydraulic equipment spare parts,
hydraulics spare parts, Compact hydraulic stations, Hydrapp, Hytos,
Hydro stations - Bosch, Rexroth, Denison, Vickers, Hydraulic, pumps,
motors, Duplomatic, BOSCH, Danfoss, VOITH, Truningen, PARKER, Wepuko,
Hydrodistributors, other regulatory apparatus.

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