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Curtain salon Jelgava
Stage curtain sewing
Curtain design
Curtain rods Jelgava
Fabrics Jelgava
Fabrics Jelgava
Fabrics Jelgava
Muline threads in Jelgava
Sewing accessories Jelgava
Curtains design sewing
Curtains design sewing
Curtains Jelgava
Fabrics for curtains design Jelgava
Fringe curtain decor
Decorative fittings Jelgava sewing
Design stage curtains
Jelgava fabrics curtains
Belt buckles
Rivet belt repair
Cotton oblique thread tape finishing materials
Adhesive fabric belt non-woven sewing accessories
Metal fittings carabiners
Metal fittings rings semicircles clothing repair
Metal fittings
Plastic carabiner clips fittings
Zipper stitching cursor change
Handicraft accessories yarn needles crochet hooks
Stage curtains
Stage costumes
Curtain salon
Pushbutton installation
Sewing accessories adhesive tape
Butterfly curtain decor
Tailor services
Curtain sewing
Festive fabrics


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  • EUR 157 213 / 2021
  • 14
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 43603010307
  2. LV43603010307
  3. 28.12.1996
  4. Jelgava, Pētera iela 1, LV-3001
  5. 2021


Fabric and curtain sewing salon DZ offers various sewing services - we specialize in curtains and blinds. Fabrics of various textures, colors and patterns are available in our salon. We also offer clothing embroidery services. It is not always possible to buy the clothes you are looking for in stores - the DZ sewing salon will help you realize all your wishes!



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Blinds, rods, rod assembly, blind installation Jelgava. Roman blinds,
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