The Centre for Stem Cells iVF Riga is the first national stem cell bank in Latvia. The Centre for Stem Cells iVF Riga was established on the basis of iVF Riga clinic in 2016 (Permission agreement for the use of cells and tissues No. AC-7).The main direction of the center is the newborn's stem cells isolation, processing, freezing and storage in the new high-tech laboratory of stem cells of iVF Riga Clinic (Latvia).Stem cells are the first immature cells, capable of self-renewal and transformation in different tissues. Stem cells can be called the ancestor of all human organs and providers of new cells. However, over time their number in the body and the potential for development are reduced. Fortunately, modern technology allows storing these cells for further use. One of the most promising sources of stem cells are cells derived from umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood. These cells can be collected only once in life –at birth. The cost of the procedure is much lower than the cost of searching for a donor. Centre for Stem Cells of iVF Riga Clinic provides delivery and processing of biological material in the shortest possible time, which helps more qualitative isolation of stem cells; as well as the possibility of genetic diagnosis for new born umbilical cord blood (genetic passport), the analysis of HLA-typing (to find out whether the cord blood sample is suitable for relatives). 


The collection of blood bands. Supply of bloodbath blood. The process of bone grafting.
Stem mold freezing. An umbilical cord blood storage program. Stem
cells. Cell center of cells. The only national stem cell center.
Stem cell bank. Navel-string. The blood of the navel. The umbilical
cord blood stem cells. Cordial Stem Cells. Hematopoietic stem cells.
Mesenhimal stem cells. Stem cell acquisition. Seizure of stem cells.
Stem cell processing. Stem cell conservation. Stem cell storage.
Conservatory. Stem cell transport. Stem cell transplantation. Use
of stem cells. Get off HLA typing. Dr. Fodina, Violeta Fodina, Dr.
Korneev, Liene Korneev.

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