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  1. 42103026434
  2. 21.05.2001
  3. Liepāja, Krūmu iela 5, LV-3405
  4. 2019
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Laima M Lingerie, manufacture of lingerie, manufacture of ladies' linen.
Baltics, Baltic lingerie, lingerie from Baltic, lingerie from Latvia,
lingerie production plant in Baltics. Laundry factory in Latvia.
Lingerie from the Baltics, Lingerie produced in Latvia. Latvian lingerie manufacturers,
modern lingerie, classic linen, women's underwear. Collection, collections,
made in Latvia, made in EU, made in Europe, bras, bra, large sizes,
for small breasts, panties, combinations, nightwear, t-shirts, pajamas,
shorts, robes, bathrobes, sets, bed linen sets, nightgown, nightgowns,
nightwear, negligee, negligees, lingerie for young girls, corrective underwear,
corset, corsets, corsetry. Brand, lace lingerie, smooth linen, with straps,
without straps, luxurious linen.