Business data

  • EUR 32627 / 2019
  • 5

Legal data

  1. 41203068219
  2. LV41203068219
  3. 17.09.2019
  4. Ventspils, Saules iela 71, LV-3601
  5. 2020


"Loke"Ltd. has been operating in Latvia and Sweden since 2019. Provides logging services throughout Latvia and Sweden. The company employs employees who specialize in this industry. The company also deals with site cleaning (lawn mowing, bush removal from the field, soil milling, gardening services, leaf raking and removal, mechanized snow removal, both manual, high-pressure paving, gutter cleaning, etc.). This service is available currently only in the territory of Latvia. 


Logging, young stands, young stand care. Firebreak, line cleaning.
Forestry, forestry. Soil milling, land milling, territory cleaning works,
clean up the area, pavement washing, cobblestone washing, tillers,
rental with operator, soil milling services. Planting young plants,
agro-technical thinning. Overgrowth removal, trimming, lawn mowing,
snow cleaning, forester, forestry company, for legal persons, private property,
for private houses, companies. Bush cutting, shrub shoot mowing,
cobblestone cleaning , concrete cleaning, surface cleaning, asphalt cleaning,
sidewalks and roads, (street) fence, courtyard cleaning, high pressure washing,
general cleaning of territories, territory cleaning service, cleaning
the surfaces of the lichens, moss, algae, medications, (wall, roof,
land, roof coating, roof gutters). Mechanized cleaning of the territory.
Cleaning after mass events, territory cleaning. Clean up of overgrown areas,
cleaning. Removal of fallen trees, commercial object cleaning. Territory cleaning works.

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