"LSEZ", SIA, Lesjofors Springs LV, Ltd

"LSEZ", SIA, Lesjofors Springs LV, Ltd

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Compression springs, spring production and trade
Stretching springs, spring catalog, spring production
Torsion or torsion springs, spring custom production
Disc springs, spring ordering and delivery according to catalog
Gas springs, shock absorbers, damping spring


  1. +371 25784100
  2. info.lep@lesjoforsab.com
  3. www.lesjofors.lv

Working time

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  • Mon800-1630
  • Tue800-1630
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  • Thu800-1630
  • Fri800-1630
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Business data

  • EUR 5907190 / 2019
  • EUR 540000 / 2015
  • EUR 4000000 / 2016
  • 95
  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden
  • Asia/Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, West Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Worldwide
  • Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, India, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 42103030622
  2. LV42103030622
  3. 09.06.2003
  4. Liepāja, Dūņu iela 4, LV-3401
  5. 2019

Granted certificates

CertificateValid tillIssued
ISO 9001:2015DNV Certification OY
ISO 14001:2015DNV Certification OY


Company “Lesjofors Springs LV” LSEZ Ltd. is the largest and most modern spring manufacturer in the Baltic States. The company's production facility in Latvia, Liepaja, has been engaged in the production of springs, gas shock absorbers and pressed parts since 2003, as well as distributes the products manufactured by LESJOFORS Group. Company group LESJOFORS is the leading spring manufacturer in the world, we have a virtually unlimited range of sizes and technical parameters with all kinds of springs! Based on customer preferences, LESJOFORS also maintains a centralized standard product warehouse with more than 11,000 spring types to be delivered to the customer's address within 24 hours since ordering! Review our standard catalog range! However, if you do not find the product according to the appropriate parameters, send us a request, we will make it exactly according to your drawing! 


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electroerosion workbenches.

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