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Max Cool since beginning of its foundation is in Beijer REF group. We deal with commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment and their part and spare part trade, as well as perform cold supply calculations and projects. 


Chlorofluorocarbon, ( CFC) Cooling gases, Domestic heat pumps, Industrial
electric refrigeration units, Warehouse freezer machinery and equipment,
Refrigeration equipment for food industry, Quick freezing equipment for food industry,
Condensers for refrigeration machines, Insulating products and materials
for refrigeration devices and equipment, Pipelines for refrigeration industry,
Filters for refrigeration equipment and appliances, Gas detectors
for refrigeration equipment and appliances, Oil separators for refrigeration plant,
Packaged compressors for refrigeration equipment, Refrigeration equipment
heat exchangers, Control and management devices for refrigeration equipment,
Refrigerant reservoirs for refrigerators and cooling installations,
Air conditioning equipment, Room air conditioners, Air humidifiers,
Industrial refrigeration equipment sale, Household air-conditioning equipment trade,
Industrial air conditioning equipment trade, Air humidifier sale.