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Business data

  • EUR 13734889 / 2018
  • 9
  • Central/East Europe
  • Distributor, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003666550
  2. LV40003666550
  3. 23.02.2004
  4. Rīga, Bauskas iela 58A - 7, LV-1004
  5. 2019


Company's activity main spheres are: Transport and forwarding services for Belarusian company cargoes passing through the territory of the Republic of Latvia towards Ventspils and Riga Sea trading ports, as well as transit cargoes passing through the Republic of Latvia towards Estonian ports; Belarusian manufacturer product sale and promotion in Latvian and Estonian market; Raw material purchasing and supply organization for the needs of Belarusian companies using legal entities and EU membership, with the aim of simplifying and making cheaper raw materials acquisition, as well as reducing the costs of its supply from port to company; Legal entity and EU membership use, fulfilling the Belarusian exporter Sole Representative functions within the framework of REACH and CLP (classification of substances and mixtures, labeling and packaging), as well as ISCC (statement of biomass renewal) Regulation. 


Technical salt, food salt, mineral fertilizers, NPK fertilizers,
potassium fertilizers, ammonium sulphate, petroleum resins, High pressure,
polyethylene, LDPE, acrylic fiber / yarn, polyester fiber / yarn,
polyamide thread, fiberglass, glass fiber fabric, carbamide, UREA,
urea, sulfuric acid, base oils, paraffin, transport logistics, transit through Latvia,
freight consolidation, brokers in port area, expedition, customs clearance,
cargo declaration, customs brokers, customs brokerage services, customs
document management, customs document preparation, road transport services,
railway cargo transportation, forwarding, sea freight transport,
sea transportation, logistics, logistic services, logistics companies,
logistics companies, logistics company, railway transport, railway transport,
sea containers, sea container, sea container shipments, piece goods,
container shipments, freight transport, cargo transport, consultations in logistics,
logistic solutions, logistics companies in Latvia, clearance through customs,
land transport, international freights, international transportation,

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