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Veterinary clinic
Veterinary pharmacy
Animal care
Animal clinic
Surgery for animals
Cat hairdressing salon
Animal vaccination


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  • Sat1000-1800

Business data

  • EUR 197310 / 2021
  • 8
  • Service provider, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 50003509811
  2. LV50003509811
  3. 14.09.2000
  4. Rīga, Avotu iela 66-602, LV-1009
  5. 2021

About the veterinary clinic

LTD "OSI service" the veterinary clinic will provide you and your pet with timely and high-quality veterinary assistance in the field of treatment and prevention of animal diseases. The veterinary clinic started its operation in 2001. 28 of the year. in April. We strive to implement an individual approach to the treatment of animals and want our clients to have a full package of services available to satisfy all their wishes.
Only a professional veterinary clinic is able to timely and accurately determine the cause of the illness, establish an accurate diagnosis, as well as develop effective treatment tactics that ensure the animal's successful treatment and recovery. Veterinary help can be needed at any moment of life, even if the animal looks completely healthy at the moment. Quality veterinary care and prevention means timely and accurate diagnosis of diseases, as well as the creation of an appropriate treatment strategy that helps to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect for each animal.


Veterinary clinic pharmacy

  • Animal therapy
  • Surgery for animals
  • Animal vaccination
  • Laboratory tests
  • Animal hairdresser
  • Veterinary pharmacy
  • Tartar removal with ultrasound



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