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Business data

  • EUR 6988530 / 2016
  • EUR 3000000 / 2015
  • 54
  • Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
  • Exporter, Producer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 50103404171
  2. LV50103404171
  3. 07.01.2005
  4. Babītes nov., Babītes pag., Piņķi, Rūpnieku iela 8, LV-2107
  5. 2017


  • Latvian wood construction cluster


The Ostby have been producing prefabricated wooden modules and panels, creating modern houses according to the specific needs of each buyer since 2005. In addition to production, we can also design, transport and assemble the materials, to create the final product. Since the launch of our company we have produced houses for export but not excluding the local market. The Ostby factory is the largest of its kind in the Baltic States. The factory uses modern technology, and our engineers are professional, experienced and well-trained. We can offer to our customers a high-quality bespoke service, and full flexibility. 


Panel houses, modular homes, wooden houses, house designing, house production,
wooden house production, house construction, wooden house production,
Swedish quality, low cost, finished projects, energy efficiency,
energy efficient house, individual customer approach, individual design,
qualitative production, safe delivery, passive houses, wooden panel houses,
Randek Bautech machinery.

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