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Rezerve, LTD, Shop
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Reserve car center, car showroom
Technical maintenance and repair
Citroen service
Car rental, car interior
Car repair
Citroen salon
Car painting
Body repair
Car service, car spare parts
Car service in Kuldiga
Spare parts sale
Anti-rust treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion treatment, rust treatment
Car service in Kuldīga
Car painting
Spare car salon, Citroen
Spare car salon, Citroen
Spare car salon, Citroen
Spare car salon, Citroen
Spare car salon, Citroen
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Calibration of car cameras and radars
Calibration of car cameras and radars
Calibration of car cameras and radars


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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we offer car body anti-rust treatment using Mercasol technology.


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Legal data

  1. 46103005335
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  3. 09.08.1995
  4. Ēdoles iela 54, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301
  5. 2021

CAR CENTER, car service

LTD "Rezerve" founded in 1995. has developed into a large car center. We provide Citroen maintenance during the warranty period, as well as post-warranty maintenance and repairs for all brands of cars. We offer to buy original car spare parts, as well as the so-called. after market or non-original spare parts for all makes of cars. Car repair, car service, car rental, spare parts in Kuldiga, Kurzeme. The quality of our work has been highly appreciated by such insurance companies as AAS Balta; AAS BTA; AAS ERGO Latvia; AAS Gjensidige, AAS IF, AAS Seesam, AAS BAN, AAS Compensa.


Car service station services

We offer to Autocentra customers: technical maintenance and repairs, vehicle preparation for technical inspection at CSDD, tire mounting and balancing, oil change in the engine and units, electrical system diagnostics and repairs, fuel system diagnostics and replacement, replacement of vehicle components and units, vehicle suspension diagnostics and repairs, a/m engine, head repair and replacement, air conditioning system check, filling and maintenance, a/m exhaust gas check and adjustment, wheel geometry check and adjustment, shock absorber efficiency check, brake system check and adjustment, car body geometry restoration on CAR -Repair and/or replacement of O-LINER stand, body parts. Repair of plastic parts, replacement of windshields, painting of car bodies or their parts in a specially designed painting chamber with SPIES HACHER water-based painting materials. We also offer car evacuation to service, car rental services, as well as service exchange car.


NEW in our service

It is important for us to develop and continue to offer our customers new services.

We are happy to announce that we have added to the range of auto glass service and auto body repair services!

We have purchased a new and modern device BOSCH DAS3000 and offer car camera and radar calibration.

To take care of passenger safety, manufacturers equip cars with ADAS or driver assistance system. ADAS significantly increases the safety of the car by warning the driver of possible collisions, and also has a lane reading system, night cameras and adaptive lighting.

The ADAS camera is located on the top of the windshield and not everyone is aware that after replacing or repairing the windshield, the windshield camera needs to be calibrated. A camera shift of even 1 millimeter can significantly affect the operation of the camera, therefore, in order to take care of the safety of your customers, after repairing or replacing windshields, it is possible to calibrate the car's camera and radar at Autocentra Rezerve.

Do not risk your safety and make sure that your windshield camera and radars are calibrated and working correctly!



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