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SDI Media Latvia offers its clients fast and high quality translation, dubbing, recording and subtitling of video and audio in 56 world languages at competitive prices. SDI Media has 26 offices worldwide, thanks to which SDI Media is able to provide its customers with the widest range of services in its field. Main spheres of activities: Subtitling, subtitles Sound recording, sound recording services Dubbing Translation, translation services. 


Video and audio material, (advertising, movie, study material, computer game,
IVR - answering machine, audio guide) adaptation, translation, editing,
sound recording, dubbing, treatment, dubbing, duplicated, simultaneous translation.
Film dubbing. Movie subtitling. Subtitle, subtitling. Film sound tracking,
dubbing. Advertising voice recording, treatment. Video ad, (video ad) video clip making,
video-clips. Production, production. Advertising video production.
Video advertising. Video material translation. Video ad creation.
Audio advertising. Audio records. Translation of audio materials.
Text editing. Audio advertising. Audio ads, (advertising) making.
Audio visualization. Video clip creation, admission, production.
Video advertising creation from idea to finished clip, textually
musical and graphic design. Textual presentation. Sound effects.
Audio advertising creation from idea to finished clip, music composing,
sound recording, sound effects, use of licensed music, wide narrator base.
Licensed music. Newscasters. Clip adaptation, video and audio advertising,
latvian, russian, lithuanian and Estonian languages. Personality advertising projects,
(projects) in Latvian, russian theater and film actors. Films and television programs,
commercial film advertising, exhibition, for company internal and other needs,
educational films and projects. Translation from/to 56 languages,
text editing, subtitling, (TV, 2D, 3D) subtitles, ad text and material adaptation.
Surdo translation during live broadcast and conferences. DCP key making,

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