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Foreign direct investment

Lithuania is a country that is an example of the successful foreign direct investment attraction according to the annual review Global FDI Outlook Report 2011 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development prepared in cooperation with the FDI Intelligence of The Financial Times.

Tax System of Latvia

The tax system of Latvia is not the simplest one, however, it cannot be considered as very complicated in comparison to the old EU Member States. Problems hitherto have been created by protracted changeability in the tax system, which the government has promised not to allow in the.

Economy of Latvia

It took a little less than five years for Latvia to move from being the fastest growing economy in the EU to the fastest shrinking and then back to fastest growth again. This time the drivers of growth are different.

About Estonia

Estonia – the smallest Baltic State and one of the smallest European Union member-states – is located in the northern Europe, on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. In the east Estonia borders Russia, in the south – Latvia. Estonia has also a sea border with Finland in the north, in the Gulf of Finland, and Sweden in the west, in the ...

About Latvia

Republic of Latvia is located in the north-eastern Europe. It is washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. In the north Latvia borders Estonia, in the east – Russia, in the south-east – Byelorussia, and in the south – Lithuania. The total length of the land border is1368 km, and the sea border – 498 km. The capital of Latvia – Riga is ...

Economy of Lithuania

Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States in terms of territory, number of inhabitants and size of economy. It was one of the fastest growing economies in Europe before the global crisis of 2008, but in 2011 it experienced one of the highest GDP growth in European Union.

Education faces a shortage of students

During the last 20 years, in addition to the state-founded educational institutions, private education enterprises have also developed rapidly - mainly in the areas of pre-school and higher education.

Manufacturing is forced to become export oriented

Latvia has historical roots of processing industry; however, significant changes have taken place during the last twenty years.