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Dental clinic in Riga, In Pardaugava. Gynecology clinic in Riga, Marupe - Agenskalns district.
Dentistry services, dentists in Riga, In Āgenskalns, In Marupe
Gynecological services, gynaecologist in Riga, In Āgenskalns, In Marupe
Dr. Andris Ozoliņš, dentist
Dr. Inga Arnava, dentist
Irina Kazmina, clinic administrator
Dr. Kārlis Ozoliņš, dentist
Dr. Natalija Dzuibe, dentist
Dr. Marina Čēma-Ozoliņa, gynaecologist, obstetrician


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Working time

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  • Mon900-1800
  • Tue900-1800
  • Wed900-1800
  • Thu900-1800
  • Fri900-1800
  • Sat-
  • By prior arrangement

Business data

  • EUR 378317 / 2023
  • 7

Legal data

  1. 41203024939
  2. 03.10.2005
  3. 03.10.2005
  4. Kabiles iela 7, Rīga, LV-1058
  5. 2023

About the clinic

"A. Klīnika" was founded in 2009., joining forces and experience of gynecologist-obstetrician Marina Čema and dentist with 30 years of experience for Andris Ozoliņš. The clinic is located in Mārupe - in a quiet and peaceful place, creating the feeling of a real home and not a cold clinic. Our dentists and gynecologists regularly improve their knowledge in the profession by attending conferences, seminars, as well as going on experience exchange trips. In our clinic, we have set ourselves the requirement to always be one step ahead - both in the quality of service and in the use of new technologies. LTD "A. Klīnika" provides environmental accessibility for persons with functional impairments. Our clinic is located in Riga, Āgenskalnas - Mārupe district and we provide professional and highly qualified medical services in a cozy atmosphere and using the latest and most modern equipment. In the field of dentistry, we offer dental treatment, endodontics and orthodontics services, dental prosthetics and implants, dental surgery, as well as dental hygiene and laser whitening, teeth adjustment with ORDLINE splint. We also provide gynecology, pregnancy monitoring, gynecological USG and endocrinology services.



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