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Accountancy services
Accountancy services


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  5. 2021

AB Into specializes in organizing the accounting of SIA

LTD "AB Into" is an outsourced accounting firm that has been working in the field of accounting since 2005. year, we perform customer accounting, solve customer issues related to accounting and provide tax advice. The company provides a wide range of accounting services to legal entities, small and medium-sized enterprises in Latvia. We are proud of our experience in accounting for associations - house managers.


Accounting for associations - house managers

Our accounting services are specialized in companies of various industries - service providers, manufacturers, trade companies, real estate management, homeowners and apartment owners' associations that manage their properties.


Our services:

  • Creation of accounting organization documentation
  • Organization of full cycle accounting
  • Organization of part-cycle accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Representation of the client in the SRS and other institutions
  • Preparation of annual report - Full or partial financial analysis



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