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CNC compact size lathe
CNC Vertical Machining equipment, compact size
CNC Turning center with opposite work spindle
CNC horizontal machining equipment
Rod feeder
CNC Lathe with Y axis
CNC lathe
CNC Universal machining center, five axes and 3+2 axes
CNC Vertical processing machine
CNC Vertical Machining Center
CNC Vertical machining workbench
Rotary table, the fourth axis
CNC Vertical turning center
EDM, Electroerosion device
Instrument setting device
CNC machining centers from Japan
CNC portal type milling machines
Tools, Drills, C-clamps, Cutting tools, Measuring instruments
Fifth axis programmable table, Swing + rotation
Large-gauge forging and machining centers
CNC lathes from Japan


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Business data

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Legal data

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  2. LV40103668492
  3. 09.05.2013
  4. 09.05.2013
  5. Katlakalna iela 9A, Rīga, LV-1073

About us

LTD "Abplnalp Baltic" is Haas Automation Inc., a leading manufacturer of CNC machining centers. representative in Latvia. We deliver value to customers that is already valued by more than 100,000 companies worldwide.
Our company offers diverse technical solutions for metal processing with CNC machines, such as milling, turning and EDM machines from Haas Automation, Kitamura, Ibarmia, Juaristi, Lagun, Wision Wide, OPS Ingersoll, Nakamura-Tome, Nomura DS, Geminis, GMTK, Accutex. Tools from Kyocera, Haimer, Van Hoorn Carbine, Gerardi, Sartorius, Groth, Gerima, Air Turbine 5th Axis, etc.


  • CNC Vertical Processing Center.
  • CNC Horizontal Treatment Center.
  • CNC lathe.
  • Indexing tables.
  • Rotating tables.


Introductory training on equipment and operator training( on spot)

The installation process of every new machine purchase also includes machine induction and operator training( on spot), provided by your HFO. Contact us for more information or to request a brief description of the training topics and ongoing activities.
  • Trainings
  • Customized training
  • Maintenance and repair training
  • Training on site



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TRT100, TR160, HRT210, HRC160, Juaristi, OPS Ingersoll, Gerardi,
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Haimer, Ibarmia, GMTK, You Ji, Lagun, Geminis, Goratu, Groth, Becker Tools,
Van Hoorn, Sara Tools, Sartorius, Airturbine Tools, 5th Axis Tools,
Dorian Tools, LMC Workholding, Kitagawa, MITUTOYO, online shop.