Legal data

  1. 40003370021
  2. LV40003370021
  3. 08.12.1997
  4. Mārupes nov., Mārupes pag., "Kalniņi A", LV-2167
  5. 2020


International shipping and forwarding agency. Maritime transport
forwarding and agency services. Road transport forwarding. Air transport shipping,
air freight customs agents. Road freight exports, air freight exports.
LCL export. Logistics, Warehouses. Warehouse services. International freight transport,
Container cargo transport. Road transport services, Transport services.
Sea freight transport, Sea freight shipping. Container shipments.
Composite cargo, Small cargoes, Transport, Road transport, Cargoes.
Freight transport by air. Cargo. freight transport, freight transport by road,
freight transport road, freight transport by road, consolidation cargo shipping,
small cargo transportation, dangerous cargo transportation, import
freight transportation, export cargo shipments. transport to European countries,
transport from European countries, transport to Scandinavia, air transport.
air transport, transportation air, air transportation, air transport,
air transportation, road cargo transportation, from door-to-door,
transportation around the world. urgent cargoes, dangerous cargoes.
ADR cargoes, transportation of valuables. maritime transport, sea transport,
container shipments, transportation Far East, transportation America,
transportation USA, customs brokers, transport on a daily basis,
export, export cargoes, customs document preparation, customs document processing,
organization of goods transport insurance, road transport, air transport,
customs document preparation, carriers, track & trace, parcel tracking,
groupage and full loads, full loads, oversized cargoes, bulk freights,
international oversized cargo transportation. delivery of goods from door to door,
delivery to door, clearing, customs clearance, customs, import, road freight transport,
thermo cargoes, thermal loads, container cargo transport, road transport services,
container transport. road transportation, auto pārvadātāji, car transport,
logistics, logistic services. cargoes, road transport, transport,
small cargoes, composite cargoes, warehousing, warehouses, freight transport by air,
cargo transportation sea, sea freight shipping, road cargo services,
transport services, transport shipments, international transportation,
road transportation, furniture transportation, oversized cargo transportation,
cargo conveyances rates, international freight shipping rates, sea freight transport,
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cargo transport license, transport companies, transport companies,
transport companies, transport logistics, transport companies in Latvia,
full transport insurance, carrier's third party liability insurance,
ICC, (A) ICC, (B) ICC, (C) full container transportation, FCL, fCL cargo transportation,
LCL, customs brokerage services. import air cargo transport, export air cargo transport,
Entargo, Groupline, direct loading. Warehouse services, storage,