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ADM Solutions will help you choose the most accurate type of material and service. The most appropriate solution for each customer. High quality product, material for reasonable price.


Technical rubber, NBR, SBR, EPDM, CR, Silicone, Vitons, food rubber,
porous rubber, rubber cord, rubber profile, silicone profile, porous silicone profiles,
porous silicon profile, silicone products, u type profiles, p profiles,
D profiles, gasket, rubber products, rubber seals, seals manufacture,
graphite seam, paranite gaskets, hatch sealing, temafast, temasil,
gambit, flooring surfaces, for metalworking, rubber products for livestock farming.
Adm solutions, ADM, ADM solution, plastics, technical plastics, PTFE,
teflon, polyamide, capron, PA, Polyacetal, POM, Polyethylene, PE,
Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, Polycarbonate, PC, Organic glass, PMMA,
Polypropylene, PP, Polyethylene terephthalate, Pet, sheets, bars,
axle-box. Polyurethane, PU. Drive belts, V-belt, Timing belt, Variator belt,
V-ribbed belt. Paranitis, asbestos-free packing materials, graphite sheets,
O-Rings, O-rings, rubber rings, PTFE belt, twisted cord, graphite,
FUM. Technical hoses, Pvc hoses, rubber hoses, hoses, pipes, corrugated metal tubes,
dispensing hoses, hose for ventilation, hoses for oil products, hoses for food.
Hoses connections, perrot and bauer connection, shackles, camlock,
storz connections, food connections, tension members, fast connections,
pVC curtains, PU conveyor belt, conveyor belts, polyurethane tapes,
polyurethane straps, PVC conveyor belt, PVC belts, rubber straps,
rubber conveyor belt. Compensators, rubber compensators, metal compensators,
stainless steel compensators, textile compensators, compensating fabric,
fabrics, teflon compensators. PVC railing lining. Bearings, ball bearings,
needle bearings, roller bearings, rolling elements, articulated bearings.
Thermal cardboard, thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials,
ceramic cord, glass fiber ribbon. Ordering of ship supplies, steel wires,
chains, mooring ropes, synthetic and natural ropes, marline, coconut ropes,
yacht ropes, towing rope, devices for lifting loads, rescue equipment,
absorbents, steel slings, chains and accessories, check valves, crane,
bolt, ball valves, valves. Road construction, for woodworking, for pharmacy ,
chemical industry. Metal, metals, brass, copper, copper sheets, copper rods,
brass rods, aluminium, circular saw, cutting disc, metal cutting disc,
bandsaw. Milling, turning, hydroabrasive cutting, laser cutting,
welding works.