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JSC Agaras was founded in 1991. In 1992 when first cattle were bought, was the beginning of export. Today JSC Agaras is one of the biggest manufacturer and vendor of fresh meat in Lithuania. Each month around 2500 Lithuanian cattle are slaughtered in slaughterhouse. Capacity of cutting room is 30-40 tons per shift.
Since JSC Agaras oriented main business to production of meat, export turnover increased year by year. In 2016 turnover reached 26 mln EUR, export consist 70% of production. JSC “Agaras” competency and experience is accredited to the highest Lithuanian and international safety and quality requirements by certificates:
BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
ECO Agros
HALAL Certificate
ISO 14001 Bureau Veritas Certification
SGS Mc Donalds Supplier Standard
Strongest in Lithuania 2013-2016
Veterinary confirmation 36-09


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