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For more than 10 years, our company has been involved in the supply and service of threaded compressors and equipment. Here you can always find compressors, compressor stations and spare parts. 


Compressor sale. Compressor/compressors, air compressor / compressors: piston,
screw, spiral type, turbo, rotor, without oil, mobile, electric,
trade, trade, repair, maintenance, rental. GARDNER DENVER group: Tamrotor,
Bottarini, COMPAIR, Beliss & Morcom; MATTEI, Cameron-Cooper, RENNER,
Sauer. Air blowers / air blower and vacuum pumps / vacuum pump: Elmo RIETSCHLE,
NASH, Robuschi, Thomas, Drum, Wittig, BUSCH, BECKER and other. Nitrogen: generators IGS,
MAXIGAS. Dryer, air / sterile / steam filter Ultrafilter, ZANDER,
HIROSS, OMEGA, DOMNICK HUNTER, Hankinson. Tanks, pipes, hoses, FRL.
Pneumatic hand tool Chicago Pneumatic. Compressed air system design and installation.
Aggregates, nods, receivers, dryers, filters, compressor spare parts.
Compressed air pipes, pipelines, air flow meter, air compressor management.