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Car service in Madona
Car repair in Madona
Brake test bench
Car service in Madona Aizezere
Car spare part trade
Car service
Car preparation for technical maintenance
Construction hoist
Car service in Madona
Car service station services
Car service in Madona
Car service in Madona
Good car service in Vidzeme
Car preparation for technical maintenance
Car repair in Vidzeme
Aizezere car service
Car maintenance in Vidzeme
Car repair in Vidzeme
Technical maintenance
Car maintenance
Car diagnostics


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Legal data

  1. 45401013840
  2. LV45401013840
  3. 17.09.1996
  4. Saules iela 56A, Madona, Madonas nov., LV-4801
  5. 2022


Aizezere, SIA car service services: alignment adjustment, computer diagnostics, brake test bench, engine diagnostics and repair, car electrical system diagnostics and repair. Car preparation for TI. Services of a human lift VS -22.



Car service in Madona, car repair in Madona, Repair of starters, generator repair, TOTAL oil change, sale of pouring oils. TOTAL oil service, motor oil trade, change. Conditioner refilling, air-conditioner repair. Technical maintenance, car preparation for technical inspection, TA, Car preparation for TI, ( for technical inspection) . Wheel alignment. Brake test bench. Computer diagnostics. Computer diagnostics in Madona. Car diagnostics, ( gasoline, for diesel engines) . Car diagnostics. Engine regulation and repair. Tyre service. Tyre service in Madona, Technical roadside assistance. Car repair and maintenance. BRC, ( Italy) car gas equipment installation. Car service in Madona, car gas equipment. Car gas equipment installation, maintenance, repair in Madona. BRC, ( Italy), gas injection system "BRC" . Car spare part trade. Original and non-original spare parts. New and used car spare parts, parts, their trade. Wheel alignment, toe-out, toe-in adjustment. Brake test bench. Brake system repair. Car electronics diagnostics. All types of car running gear repair. Body painting, straightening, ( straightening) . Body repair. Car body geometry renovation on stand. Electricians. Car electrician, car electrician in Madona, Electrical system diagnostics, repair. Tyre assembly, service. Tyre service in Madona. Tire center in Madona. Summer tyres. Winter tyres. New Tire Trading Good Year, Hankook, Sava. Technical roadside assistance. Car evacuation. Car tow-truck. Car tow truck in Madona. Car transportation. Car moving. Personnel, ( people) car lift VS22. Construction hoist, ( hoisting machinery) -rent, ( rent) services. Car lift. Car rental in Madona. Car hire in Madona. Car rental. Aizezere SIA.