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  3. 23.03.2012
  4. Rīga, Zalves iela 75, LV-1046
  5. 2017

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Aldens Holding Ltd is a Latvian company locaded in Riga. Owing to its 15 years’ experience Aldens has successfully implemented more than 2000 projects in Latvia, Eastern and Western Europe, including Scandinavia. We have worked on both large industrial and civil projects and small and individual ones after specific requirements The main direction of our bussiness-activity is aluminum constructions manufacturing : windows doors curtain walls fire systems winter gardens partitions etc made on the base of PONZIO systems. Glass constructions, including external glass walls room dividers movable walls revolving and sliding doors pivoting doors (with wide opening) and balcony dividers, are made of toughened glass. PVC constructions: windows doors have modern design a lot of daylight and great parameters as far as energy efficiency waterproofness wind resistance and air permeability. We pay particular attention to control quality in each production stage what is proved by “Production Process Inspection Certificate” issued by A/S Inspecta the organization granted the right to make products under CE label. Our company’s core values are professional employees, experience and technologies ensured product quality and individual and flexible approach to every client. 


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