Aljuva, UAB


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  1. LT829438314
  2. Luminor Bank AS Lietuvos skyrius


LLC "Aljuva" is a modern garage company which rapidly develops and expands
its activities. The company provides repair and maintenance services of
passenger cars, jeeps, vans, and motorcycles. We sell new and used spare
parts, tires and wheels, as well as perform tire mounting, balancing, and
repair for both passenger cars and trucks. We offer technical assistance on
the road and a variety of car rental.



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repair, wheel repair, wiring repair, transmission repair, brake system
repairs, engine diagnostics, oil changes, exhaust repairs, damper mounting,
tire mounting, balancing, tire repair, wheel geometry, wheel alignment,
wheel geometry adjustment, clutch replacement, control of lights, cooling
system repairs, automotive glass replacement, diesel fuel system repair,
computerized engine diagnostics, conditioner refill, air conditioner repair,
repair of gearboxes, injection repairs, brake system repairs, minivan
repairs, truck parts, freight transport parts, transport parts, parts for
commercial vehicles, semi-trailer parts, trailer parts, truck parts, bus
parts, engine parts, brake parts, air systems components, compressors,
electrical system parts, hydraulic parts, suspension parts, chassis parts,
auto body parts, fuel system parts, nozzles, seals, clutch discs, used
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alignment, painting the rims, tires, motorcycle, motor scooter tires, ATV
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trucks, used parts for trucks, automotive spare parts, spare parts, auto
accessories, batteries, shock absorbers, performance materials, filters,
thermostats, radiator, headlights, lamps, reflectors, mirrors, relays,
fuses, starting wires, plugs, recording equipment, emergency lights, belts,
wipers, fasteners, chemical goods, electrical goods, cars and occasional
rental car, the driver can, motor bike, technical assistance on the road, we
transport cars, vans, jeeps, machinery, equipment, warehouse equipment, the
possibility of transporting two cars at the same time, car sales and sale of

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