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Evija ointment, ointment Evija, medical aid. Skin burn, thermal burn,
Sunburn, chemical burn, frostbite, blisters, difficult healing ulcers,
skin abrasion, wound healing gastritis, increased gastric acid, stomach ulcer,
helicobacter fungus viruses, A, B, C hepatitis, herpes virus, Epstein-Barr virus,
HIV, AIDS, immunodeficiency irradiation, chemotherapy endocrine system,
metabolic diseases, thyroid nodules, diabetes mellitus , autoimmune diseases,
adrenal hormones, female hormones, male hormones, premenstrual syndrome,
menopause depression, fatigue, weakness, weakness, vitamin deficiency family health,
mastitis, cracking nipples, painful lactation, myoma, enlarged prostate treatment,
prostate cancer, breast cancer, infertility hemorrhoids, perineal tears after childbirth,
faster healing of fractures, therapeutic class essential oils, essential oils,
doTERRA, CPTG essential oils, 4Life Research USA, health insurance,
training program, body's regeneration program, eco thinking, donation to the poor hungry.
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