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  • EUR 433965 / 2019
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  • Exporter, Producer

Legal data

  1. 40003317497
  2. LV40003317497
  3. 15.11.1996
  4. Rīga, Maskavas iela 240 k-1, LV-1063
  5. 2020


Almiko products: printed circuits in small and medium series; development of topography of printed circuits; production of assembly stencils; deep etching of copper, bronze, brass (signs, plaques, etc.); passivation of aluminum using IRIDIT; screen printing and screen printing; production of photo stencils. 


Printing plate. Multilayer printed circuits, multi-layer printing plates,
(4-8 layers). Printing plates, Printed circuits. Printed circuit board manufacturing.
Printed circuit board production. Metal coatings. Metal coatings.
Printed circuits, printed circuit fabrication, printed circuit topography design,
mounting stencil fabrication, photo template fabrication, photo templates,
printing plates, aluminium passivation, PCB, (printed circuit boards manufacturing).
printed circuit fabrication, Printed circuit manufacturing in small
series Printed circuit fabrication in medium series, Printed circuit topography design,
Mounting stencil fabrication, Copper deep etching, Bronze deep etching,
Brass deep etching, Signs, Plates, Aluminum passivation using IRIDIT,
Mesh manufacturing for silkscreen machinery, Mesh making, Screen printing,
Photo template fabrication, Electronic equipment, Mechanical treatment,
Printed circuit tracing.


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