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Legal data

  1. 40003022419
  2. LV40003022419
  3. 02.09.1991
  4. Limbažu nov., Alojas pag., Ungurpils, Joglas iela 2, LV-4064
  5. 2020
  6. 7


Granted certificates

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BRCGlobal Standard Food
Organic food EUUSC


ALOJA-STARKELSEN was founded in June 1991 as the first Latvian food company with foreign capital. ALOJA-STARKELSEN is located in the northern part of Latvia, near the town of Aloja. ALOJA-STARKELSEN largest stakeholder is the 'Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter Group'. Over the years ALOJA-STARKELSEN has become the biggest potato starch producer in the Baltic States and one of the leading organic potato starch producer in the World. ALOJA-STARKELSEN also produces a wide range of other food products like gelatin dessert, fruit jelly, baking powder, vanilla sugar, DIP sauces and much more. Approximately 80% of our production is exported to other European Union countries and the United States of America. 


Production of potato starch, food manufacturer, food production,
private brands, starch production, dry desserts, jellies, dry, fruit-juice jelly,
mixtures of flour, food additives production, biological, potato starch,
natural and modified starches, spices, dry and wet spices and spice mixtures,
rippers, soil loosener, pickle, food additives, food ingredients,
components, for food producers, additives for food producers, private,
trademarks, private-label production, private label, seeds, starch manufacturer,
products for bakeries, soups and sauces, cold sauces, hot sauces,
dessert sauces, tomato sauces, milk products, and emulsions, gelatin,
jelly, dry jelly, dry gels, jelly, dry jelly, desserts, dry sauce,
baking powder, baking powder, biological baking powder, vanilla,
sugar, organic vanilla sugar, mixtures of flour for bread, flour,
mixtures for buns, mixtures of flour for biscuits, natural sweetener,
natural sweeteners, thickeners, thickeners for soups and sauces,
dry tea, dry teas, dipi sauces, dip sauces, dry dip, sauces, sauces,
dry dressings, contracts with farmers, potato acceptance, purchase of potato starch,
pectin, egg powder, prescriptions, dry dressings, modified, starch,
organic starch, hydrocolloid, plant fibers, snacks, ingredients for mayonnaise,
components for ketchups, gluten-free, food, organic food, organic products,
dairy product components, ingredients for meat products, berry jelly,
a wide selection of jellies, a wide selection of gel, organic baking powder,
vanilla sugar, organic vanilla sugar, flour mixture for white bread,
flour mixture for rye bread, flour blend for baking, flour mix for biscuits,
flour mixture for hamburger rolls, flour mixture for dumplings, dry dessert mix,
gelatin desserts, jelly desserts, dried berry puddings, dry sorbet,
salt, soup thickener, sauce thickener, tea.


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