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  3. 12.03.2001
  4. Kuldīgas nov., Kabiles pag., "Avoti", LV-3314
  5. 2021


LTD "Alra" - a forestry company established in 2001. has been providing a full forest management cycle for more than 21 years.
The main directions of our activity are: Marking of long trees, sawing. Needed for poles, log buildings, logs. Transportation of tall trees from the forest to a designated place. There is a specialized transport - we can transport trees up to 20 meters long.
We provide a full forest management cycle. We cut and take the trees from the forest to the side of the road.
We buy all types of logs. Log logs from 9 to 16 meters, logs from 7 to 9 meters, veneer blocks and other.
We buy forest properties. Trailer services. We transport heavy machinery, forest tractors, excavators. We work in Kurzeme region



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