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Cleaning company Ltd "ALVIRI" offers you a wide range of offers in the field of professional cleaning - in offices, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, etc., as well as apartment and house cleaning.

We are proud of our experienced and professional staff, which guarantees perfect cleaning quality!



Leather furniture cleaning, stone floor cleaning, linoleum cleaning, natural parquet cleaning, parquet cleaning, greening, outdoor area cleaning. Waste disposal/collection, office equipment cleaning, cleaning of industrial premises. Bureau cleaning, debris removal; building facade cleaning, waxing, Spring cleaning. Flooring care, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, hygiene products, everyday cleaning, industrial papers, common use room cleaning. Linoleum cleaning, waxing, window washing, upholstered furniture cleaning. Warehouse cleaning, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning. Hand towels, sanitary hygienic node cleaning, snow shoveling and removal, snow removal, glass surface cleaning, dry cleaning, room spring-cleaning, wet and dry cleaning, room cleaning. Cleaning. Territory cleaning. Toilet papers. Bathroom cleaning, waxing. One time cleaning. Lawn mowing. Clean-up. Pool, pool cleaning, cleaning. Daily cleaning of medical institutions, clean-up. We work all over Latvia. Cleaning after renovation. Cleaning company.