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  2. LV44103096938
  3. 24.11.2014
  4. "Mežmuiža", Aronas pag., Madonas nov., LV-4847
  5. 2021
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Ltd. "Amatas Energo Celtnieks" is one of the energy supply companies in Latvia specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical installations and energy supply objects. Ltd. "Amatas Energo Celtnieks" services are currently offered in Vidzeme, Zemgale, near Riga and Latgale regions. Our range of services will include designing various power supply facilities, construction of external and internal power grids, maintenance and servicing of various energy facilities such as street lighting, preventive measurements and other similar services. Construction of medium voltage substations. Construction of medium voltage overhead lines. Construction of medium voltage cable lines. Design of cables, overhead lines and substations.

LTD "Amatas Energo Builder" also provides trailer services up to 24 tons.



Wiring, wiring, Extensive experience in overhead and cable line construction Distribution network networks. Electrical installation works from transformer to socket. Electric facilities, power supply facilities, electrical facility engineering, construction, energy supply object design, power supply facility construction, energy supply facilities operation. Verification of electrical installations, electric facilities, electrical measurements. Technical indicator testing, technical indicators. Wiring installation, electricity installation, lighting construction, lighting, cable construction, cables. Trench digging, trenches. Electrical network design to 20 kV, preventive measurements, EPL, GVL, KL. Electric installation, wiring, electrician. Medium voltage substation construction. Medium voltage overhead line construction. Medium voltage cable line construction. Cable, overhead line and substation design.