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"ANIJA" – for beauty, for health, well-being

Today, natural cosmetics are gaining great popularity, the ingredients of which not only do not harm nature, but most importantly - our body! ANIJA is a distributor of natural cosmetics in Latvia, through which you can buy cosmetics that can be used both for treatment, therapy and relaxation purposes, in addition, these cosmetics do not contain raw materials harmful to nature and the body. In our online store, you will find various types of cosmetics for face, hand and body care, natural soaps, massage oils and gels that can be used for SPA purposes. LTD "ANIJA" on the website you can also buy the shoe care product LUSTRO.


"ANIJA" offers

BLACK SEA STARS, SOLILUG, SEA STARS, ANCHIALO - cosmetics based on Black Sea alkali( LUGA) and for the therapeutic mud of Pomorie and Burgas salt lakes.
REFAN - perfumes and cosmetics without parabens.
MILANA@ - an excellent offer of cosmetics for home and professionals.
CARBONAX@ - we stand for clean and well-maintained cars.
LUSTRO@- shoe care product.
COFFEE and TEA - flavored coffee and wonderful teas.


Try it and hope you enjoy shopping with us!
Thank you and good mood!



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