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Wool sock making, Folk costumes individually and for collectives, Textiles
Folk costume jewelry
National costume sewing
National costume preparation
Children's linen clothes


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  • EUR 158260 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 40003513270
  2. LV40003513270
  3. 10.10.2000
  4. 14.12.2004
  5. Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša iela 23 – 7, Rīga, LV-1011


The company SIA "ANVI AM" is engaged in making folk costumes, renting folk costumes. Orders are accepted both from groups and individually. The company's artists study the museum and other materials about the ancient ethnographic traditions of Latvian regions. Orders are also accepted for folk costumes of other nationalities. Such Latvian collectives as "Dzintariņš", "Dancis", "Saime", "Pēda", "Raksti", "Janita", "Oļi" etc. are provided with folk costumes.


Woollen shawls, national blouse, national skirts, wreaths, national bodice, national vests, national men's skirts, national socks, national belts, brooches. Folk costumes, national costume, national costume rent, arts and crafts, linen baby clothes. Folk costumes individually and for collectives, national costume sewing, national costume production, linen clothes for children, children's linen clothes, pastalas for collectives, brooches for collectives, folk wreaths for collectives. Textiles. National costume production. National costume embroidery. Linen folk costumes. National skirts, brooches, national belts manufacturing, embroidery.