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  3. 14.12.2018
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  5. Graudu iela 17, Liepāja, LV-3401

About the company

Company Ltd "APPS Europe" has been offering effective odor and dust emission control systems in rooms and large outdoor areas for three years in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets. Production facilities, discharge areas, storage pools, waste sorting, incineration, organic and inorganic odors. Universal technology that has proven itself in the UK for 20+ years. Mobile and stationary equipment. Demonstration and rental services possible. If something smells or rots - call.



APPS Europe, specialists in odor and dust control, system development and installation, pollution abatement technologies, rotary sprayer, PARTY, portable, independent spraying device, PARTY. Duo, MRU, odor control, dust reduction, pollution control, Airobrne10.