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Warehouse construction project
Facade restoration
Construction projects of apartment buildings
Reconstruction of the sauna
Private houses
Improvement of premises and facades
Construction project supervision
Oversized lighting fixtures
Residential construction projects
New construction of churches
Industrial construction projects
Elementary school construction projects
Pavilion construction project
Environmental object project
New car wash building
Car wash construction project
Warehouses and office premises
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Design office

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO deals with the design of various functions and scales. The office has a wide spectrum of activity, which includes the design of both private and public sector, as well as industrial, production buildings in all its stages. The aim of the office is to provide the client with a functional and high-quality service, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
In cooperation with our partners, we offer to develop quality projects that meet your wishes at reasonable costs, because our main goal is to create functional, comfortable and modern residential projects, public objects or interior designs for the customer. During our period of activity, we have developed more than 180 different projects involving public buildings( schools, museums, kindergartens, social buildings, etc), residential buildings, production buildings, warehouses, as well as various other projects, both small and large. Our team consists of architects, designers, constructors and designers of engineering networks, as well as experts and solid qualified specialists.


Energy-efficient buildings

Ready for new challenges, we never give up and always reach the desired result. We work with individuals, legal entities, as well as state institutions and of course with foreign developers. We develop projects in which BREEM, LEED certification is provided, providing the client with a sustainable and energy-efficient building with a well-maintained area and sustainable infrastructure.
Latvians do not lack ambitions or ideas, but we need not only good ideas, interesting places, but also the long-term economic and cultural impact we create. Regardless of the industry, there will always be conditions that must be evaluated, analyzed and brought to the goal, which in our case is reflected in the design, configuration and placement, determined by the requirements of regulatory acts, which do not always coincide with the desired design and customer wishes, as well as environmental factors, location creates a challenge throughout development and construction, right through to commissioning.


Architectural design development process

When formulating an approach to the process of architectural design development, the interaction of the built environment with people and the natural environment, it must be mentioned that each client and project is individual, which requires its own approach, but when we always start design work, we conduct an in-depth study of the place, as well as the client's wishes, in order to evaluate and get to know the customer, his habits, personality, as well as sense of style and design in order to obtain a functional and comfortable result for the user. The impact of architecture on people, the environment and the ecosystem affects the state of construction around the world, while as time, technology and society change, architecture - style features, materials, scales and goals - changes accordingly. Visually articulating contemporary innovations of the moment, encouraging the creation of building projects that are sensitive to people, programs and habitats - people-friendly and environment-friendly architecture.



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