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Physiotherapy consultation
Physiotherapy complex
Sling therapy
Therapeutic gymnastics individually
Therapeutic exercises


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  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV75HABA0551015872620
  5. 06.12.2006
  6. 06.12.2006


LTD "Arho Medicīnas Serviss" is a medical institution that started its operation in 2007. in the spring of 2018 and offers rehabilitation services for both ADULTS and CHILDREN with knowledgeable and experienced specialists - PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, NEUROLOGISTS, PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION PHYSICIANS.

Clients are also offered post-Covid-19 rehabilitation, applied movement neurology, canistherapy, physiotherapist consultation with the development of a home rehabilitation plan.



Medical aid, outpatient, medical aid, rehabilitation. Therapeutic massage, ( massages) . Therapeutic exercises. Sling therapy. Physiotherapy. Baby gymnastics, massage. Bobath therapy. Physiotherapy consultation, ( consultations) . Neurology. Therapeutic taping. Medical services. Opening hours by appointment. gymnastics, infant massage, baby massages. algology, pain treatment. Therapeutic exercise of soft tissue techniques in groups, callanetics, pilates, physical therapy. Gymnastics for children. Taping, tapes, rehabilitologist, ergonomic training, ergotherapist. Rehabilitation after Covid-19. Applied movement neurology, ultrasound, canistherapy, consultation of a physiotherapist with the development of a home rehabilitation plan.