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Business data

  • EUR 717644 / 2021
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  • West Europe
  • Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey
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Legal data

  1. 50003219501
  2. LV50003219501
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV14HABA0001408031990
  5. 03.10.1994
  6. 21.05.2004

About the company

LTD "ARI-KO" supplies its customers with high-quality car service equipment and ensures their installation and service. Firm "ARI-KO" partnerships with leading global manufacturers are formed in such a way as to be able to offer a full range of car service equipment. These are car lifts, wheel changing and balancing equipment, wheel geometry adjustment equipment, rolling stock diagnostic equipment, professional tools and gas station service equipment. LTD "ARI-KO" are official representatives of many leading manufacturers: BEISSBARTH( Bosch Group), Hofmann( Snapon), BlitzRotary( the leading manufacturer of truck lifts in the world), BUTLER( Italy), WERTHER( Italy), FILCAR( Italy), MECLUBE( Italy), CATTINI( Italy), COMPAC( Denmark), Chicago Pneumatic( United States), HAWEKA( Germany), AMI( Czech Republic), PIUSI( Italy), DECA( Italy), BRAINBEE( Italy), SPIN( Italy), AIGNEP( Italy), Spiralflex( Italy) .



Car lifts, tyre repair, valves, weights, cleats, repair materials, car service devices, oil change car diagnostic equipment, exhaust gas suctions, suction systems, wheel geometry, brake tests, high-pressure washing, tyre assembly, wheel balancing, headlight adjustment systems, brake stand, stands, jack, jacks, hydraulic presses, pneumatic tools, compressor, compressors, service tools, workbenches, tool cabinets, trolleys, workshop taps, accumulator chargers, bicycle maintenance and repair products, rubber boat repair, diesel fuel equipment, DVS service equipment, tyre repair materials, inner tube patches, heat press, conveyor belt repair, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion materials, corrosion processing materials, tank covering with rubber, vulcanizing presses, two-component adhesive, adhesives, PVC adhesive, test lines, cargo, truck tyre mounting equipment, service, repair, maintenance, warranty, wheel alignment stand, stands. BEISSBARTH, REMA TIP TOP, WERTHER, BUTLER, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, MERCUR, DECA, FILCAR, PREMA, BRAINBEE, AIGNEP.