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Car tyre, Wheel balancing, assembly, Car service equipment
Car lifts, Car service devices
Car diagnostics
Car tire diagnostics
Car lifts for minibuses
Truck tire change equipment
Car service lifts
Tyre balancing
Disk mounting, balancing equipment
Car lifts
Car service equipment
Car tire cleaning
Wheel balancing
Truck lifts
Car service equipment
Tyre balancing
Car lifts
Car lifts
Car lifts
Sale of car service equipment
Motorcycle lifts
Tyre balancing
Fuel filling station equipment
Truck, Tractor tire assembly
Car lifts
Car lifts
Car service equipment
Car mats
Tire repair kits
Sale of car service equipment


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  • Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Korea, Republic Of Korea, Sweden
  • Importer, Distributor

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  1. 40003219478
  2. LV40003219478
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV41HABA0001408031989
  5. 03.10.1994
  6. Tallinas iela 79A – 29, Rīga, LV-1009

About company

Ltd. "ARI - VI" is engaged in the sale of tire repair materials, all types of tire valves, wheel balancing weights and studs. Ltd. "ARI - VI" also provides training in working with tire repair materials and corresponding technologies. Ltd. "ARI - VI" belongs to the group of trade companies "Mc Rolls", which offers car service equipment and performs its maintenance, as well as offers tools, tire repair materials, tire retreading materials, wheel balancing weights, valves and studs.


Ltd. "ARI-VI" is the official representatives of the world leader in the production of tire repair materials REMA TIP TOP (Germany). Successful cooperation has been established for many years with the leading manufacturers of tire valves, wheel balancing weights and accessories ALLIGATOR VENTILFABRIK (Germany), SCHRADER (France), ITALMATIC (Italy), SALVADORI (Italy), PREMA (Germany), WEGMANN Automotive (Germany), TIPTOPOL (Poland), SCASON (Finland), SITEK (Germany), OKU (Germany).

Service for industrial companies

Since 2013, Ltd. "ARI-VI" has started a new business - to serve industrial companies. We provide customers with repair materials for conveyor belts, perform roll rubberizing, anti-corrosion treatment, as well as trade in conveyor belts, special tools and equipment.


Car lifts, tyre repair, valves, weights, cleats, repair materials, car service devices, oil change equipment, car diagnostics equipment, exhaust gas suctions, suction systems, wheel geometry, brake tests, high-pressure washing, tyre assembly, wheel balancing, headlight adjustment systems, brake stand, stands, jack, jacks, hydraulic presses, pneumatic tools,
compressor, compressors, service tools, workbenches, tool cabinets,
trolleys, workshop taps, accumulator chargers, bicycle maintenance, reconstruction funds, rubber boat repair materials, diesel fuel equipment, FFS service equipment, tyre repair materials, inner tube patches, heat press, conveyor belt repair, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion materials, corrosion processing materials, tank covering with rubber, polyurethane coatings, vulcanizing presses, two-component adhesive, adhesives, PVC adhesive, test lines, truck tire mounting equipment, truck tyre mounting equipment, service, repair, maintenance, warranty, wheel alignment stand, BEISSBARTH, REMA TIP TOP, WERTHER, BUTLER, CHICAGO, PNEUMATIC, MERCUR, DECA, FILCAR, PREMA, BRAINBEE, AIGNEP, MECLUBE, PIUSI, EL-MAX, Dari, HAWEKA,
SCASON, SITEK, OKU, MetaLine, MLT, KTK, rubber conveyor, conveyor belt,
PVC, PU belts, rolls, roll covering with rubber, metal strips joints, rubber rings, rubber belt gluing, gluing, hand cleaning paste, hand tools products, compressed air lines, car service equipment, car lifts, service equipment, service equipment, specialized service equipment, specialized service equipment, specialized service equipment supplier, tyre repair materials, conveyor belts service, tools, fuel filling station equipment, tire re-treading machinery, tyre renovation materials, materials, conveyor belts, wheel balancing equipment, wheel balancing equipment, accessories for tyre assembly,
lifts, wheel geometry, inspection lines, brake stands, exhaust gas extraction equipment, conditioners filling equipment, oil distribution equipment, lubricant dispensing equipment, washing equipment, car diagnostics, air lines, welding equipment, welding smoke suction devices, welding sparks suction devices, wheel bolting equipment, service furniture, tyre camera repair, camera repair, bicycle program,
balancing pellets, balancing weights, conveyor belts service 24/7,
conveyor tapes, special adhesives, special liquids, conveyor rolls, conveyor belt cleaner systems, vulcanization equipment, vulcanization tools, conveyor belt mechanical connections, rubber products, coating materials against corrosion, anti-corrosion materials, anti-corrosion coating, air cabinets, water closets, vacuum cleaners, car carpet cleaners, waste bins, conveyor belts, conveyor belt repair, conveyor belt vulcanization, roll covering with rubber, conveyor rollers, protective coatings, mechanical connections.