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  5. 2021

About "Car center 1A"

Autocentrs 1a quickly and qualitatively carries out diagnostics, repairs and technical maintenance of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a load capacity of up to 3.5t, and also engages in the retail sale of spare parts. The company employs highly qualified and professional employees with the desire to help their customers. Experienced specialists will assess the condition of your car and draw up an estimate with reasonable prices for repairs and car spare parts. Our specialists do their work honestly and with a great sense of responsibility, thus helping their clients save time and money. You can buy auto spare parts from us immediately and replace them, as well as make the necessary orders. We cooperate with such major auto spare parts wholesalers as AD Baltic, Inter Cars, ARD Eoltas, Baltic Auto Parts.


Services available with us:

  • Engine repair
  • Car painting
  • Oil change
  • Tyre assembly
  • Welding
  • Body repair
  • Brake repair


The professional equipment of the car service ensures high quality of such services:

  • suspension inspection and repair;
  • brake maintenance and repair;
  • timing belt change;
  • gearbox reducer change and repair;
  • powertrain repair;
  • body repair and geometry restoration( body repair is performed on a professional body repair shop "Dataliner" ) ;
  • body painting works;
  • tyre assembly and repair;
  • seasonal tire storage.



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