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Antifreeze production
Antifreeze plant in Latvia
Tosol production
Tosol concentrate
Winter windscreen liquid
Summer windshield fluid
Heat carrier Ekofrost_25
Heat carrier
Heat carrier Ekofrost_25
Ecological heat carrier
Distilled water
Brake fluid
Car fluids and heat carriers
Charcoal, fuel
High quality fuel liquids, liquids for heating


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Autohim manufactures coolants( antifreeze), car windshield washer fluids. Providing the necessary range, the company «; Autohim »; also produces distilled water, ignition fluids, fluids for heating, ventilation and conditioning systems. We sell oils, lubricants and brake fluids from western manufacturers. Company «; Autohim »; advises its customers and delivers its products.



Production. Coolant for car. Antifreeze, ( antifreeze) .
Antifreeze, ( antifreezes) . Windshield fluid. Distilled water.
Brake fluid. Lighting fluid, ( Grill) . Lighter fluid grill.
Charcoal, coil, grill charcoal. Liquids for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Heat carrier, ( heat carriers) . Ethylene glycol,
propylene glycol, heat carrier for solar collectors. Heating system cleaning liquids. Car chemicals, car fluids and heat carriers for whole Latvia.
Solar collectors. Heating pumps. Ion boilers. auto maintenance products,
lubricants, pasta, anti-corrosion agents, winter products, Pro Line series for car service stations, hands and clothing care products. Production,
additives for bicycles, gasoline and diesel engines, purification equipment,
DPF filter professional cleaning equipment, professional equipment for car glass repair, MOTO gamma oils. Motorcycle oils,
for snowmobiles, snow-cleaning machines, for tractors, for chainsaws.
Moto sports oils.