Photo 29

engine compartment Corolla
engine compartment Durango
engine bay Prius
Engine compartment
A button in the cabin
Gas tank 47l
filling under the petrol cap
filling under the cap
spec. tank straight floor
tank 70 l
Filling under the cap
Car gas equipment
Car gas equipment
Car gas equipment
Car gas equipment
Car gas equipment
Cylinder 52-54l with pan
cylinder 150l
Engine. room after equipping
Engine room, mandatory collector disassembly 2 hours
gas button and lubrication indication
Car gas equipment
Lexus GX460 2013 Custom Size Tank
Lexus GX460 2013 filling
Engine room +1h
Engine compartment
Button and lubrication indication
spec cylinder with the possibility to hide the upper vacuum under the floor 720-220-225 69-74l
Filling under the cap with a bracket


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About the company "Automans" LTD

BRC and Landi Renzo authorized car service. Conversion of cars to LPG, diagnostics, maintenance, modernization of the most famous car gas systems produced in Europe, certification CSDD. Sale of LPG auto gas spare parts. For the convenience of customers, the car can be left and picked up in a guarded area also outside working hours from 7: 00 to 21: 00 through the security point with prior warning. Customers have a waiting room and coffee. Equip the car with gas equipment and save up to 45%, and we also equip hybrid and modern engine types( TSI, FSI, etc) . More than 20 years of work experience. Safer equipment and no problems with technical inspections.
Automans cooperates with the best manufacturers of auto gas parts and offers customers only those systems that have passed many years of testing.



  • Italian car gas equipment
  • Installation of car gas equipment in Riga
  • BRC and Landi Renzo autogas equipment store
  • Car conversion to LPG
  • LPG car spare parts
  • Car gas equipment repair, maintenance, service
  • Certification of auto gas equipment CSDD
  • Certification of auto gas systems
  • Car gas certificate
  • LPG injection system
  • Car gas filters, spare parts
  • Installation of car gas filters
  • Diagnostics of car gas systems
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of car gas equipment
  • Reconstruction and improvement of the gas system
  • Return rate check



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