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Ava Clinic in Riga
Gynecology in Riga
Clinic in Riga for infertility treatment
Artificial insemination
Family centre
Doctor's office
Neonatologist's office
Pediatrician's office
Androniks Mitiļdžans
Dace Ezeriņa
Gunārs Seržants
Irina Varslavāne
Jana Brikune
Jaroslavs Ļakutins
Pāvels Domaševs
Ruta Vikaine
Ieva Erciņa


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  • Mon800-1800
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  • Fri800-1800
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Business data

  • EUR 2387195 / 2023
  • 39
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003711943
  2. LV40003711943
  3. "Luminor Bank", AS, Latvijas filiāle
  4. LV94RIKO0000080532954
  5. 22.11.2004
  6. 22.11.2004


"AVA clinic" - EUGIN clinic network, the leading infertility treatment clinic in the Baltics and Northern Europe, specializing in infertility treatment and embryonic genetics, as well as offering a comprehensive range of services in gynecology and obstetrics. The experience of AVA CLINIC proves that good infertility treatment results are ensured not only by the latest equipment, applied methods and high qualification of specialists. The decisive factor is the attentive doctor's attitude towards each couple. The collective mission of the team - to give new life - unites all the specialists of the clinic. The mission of the clinic - to give new life!


The company offers

  • Infertility tests.
  • Artificial insemination.
  • Genetic material freezing.
  • Gynaecology.
  • Pregnancy care.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Becoming a donor.
  • State - paid medical insemination procedures.



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