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  3. 16.08.2007
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  5. 2018


  • Industrial Rope Access Trade Association


Since 2007, "AV Alpina" LLC operates as a rope access company by providing services in different countries all over the world, in Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Latvia. In terms of our vast experience, knowledge and skills we are capable to provide high-complexity services. Our loyal and wellestablished team permanently approve their skills on courses and certifications. "AV Alpina" LLC always does utmost to provide services on a top level and in compliance with safety standards. We always appreciate our customers assignments and strive to give them more than we are liable. 


Industrial climbing, industrial climbing, roof cleaning, window washing,
works at height, steeplejack works, facade cleaning with high-pressure,
facade painting, industrial building cleaning, bunker cleaning, hangar cleaning,
pavement cleaning, drain system cleaning, gutter cleaning, snow cleaning,
ice cleaning, icicle cleaning, repair works, painting, promotional poster installation,
banner installation, frame installation, Installation of Christmas decorations,
tree cutting, arborism, arboriculture services, quality, qualitative
work performance at high altitude, authorization to operate at high altitude,
certified employees, civil liability insurance, qualitative work,
professionals, drain change, cornice repair, change of roof cover,
roof cleaning from leaves, roof cleaning from moss, drain system cleaning from leaves,
drain system cleaning from moss, advertisement banner installation,
advertising poster frames installation, service in locations that
can not be accessed with a lift, construction painting, large-size construction painting.