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  1. 40103157009
  2. 10.05.1995
  3. Rīga, Nautrēnu iela 12, LV-1079
  4. 2020
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Electric engine, electric motor, explosion proof electric motors,
high voltage, single-phase electric motors, brake electric motors,
multi-speed electric motors, electric motors with electric brakes,
tap electric engines, general industrial electric motors; motoreducer,
reducer, cylindrical reducers, screw reducers, put on motoreducers,
angle parallel reduction gear unit. Energy and equipment, industrial ventilators,
smoke exhausters, blow ventilators, explosion proof ventilators,
axial ventilators, centrifugal ventilator, saw dust ventilators,
roof ventilators, duct ventilators, low, medium and high pressure ventilators,
ventilators for smoke removal; air heating units; steam and water heaters.
Piping fittings, industrial fittings, fittings, valves, valves, sewer valves,
ball valves, safety valves, valves for water and steam, ball valves
for petroleum products, knife-shaped valves and dampers, check valves,
sanitary fittings, butterfly valves, butterfly type valves, wedge-shaped bolts ,
valves with rubberized wedge. Pump equipment, industrial pumps, water pumps,
food pumps, waste water pumps, artesian pumps, chemical pumps, vacuum pumps,
oil pumps, submersible pumps, pump stations, pumps for chemically
aggressive environments, self-priming pumps, pumps for pharmaceutical products,
peristaltic pumps, hermetic monoblock pumps, centrifugal console pumps,
rotary pumps, general purpose pumps, pumps for polluted waters, atex pumps,
air compressors, faeces pumps. Water supply, water treatment plants,
water treatment equipment, softening equipment, softening filters,
water filters, iron removal equipment, reverse osmosis equipment,
mechanical water filters, tablet salt, reagents for water treatment,
ion exchange resins, flocculants for wastewater treatment, reagents
for boiler and network water treatment, anthracite and quartz sand,
dosing equipment, water analysis, drinking water purification, filter materials.