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Inga Gedrima
Sand games therapy method
Psychologist consultations for children and teenagers
IK White Owls
Support counseling for parents
The relationship between the
Getting to know your abilities and talents


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i have 13 years of experience as a psychologist, I am a certified clinical and health psychologist, a certified user of the sand play therapy method, a certified counseling psychologist and a certified school and educational psychologist, I work with children from the age of 3, I give consultations to teenagers and young people. I provide support counseling for parents of children. I counsel adults on various issues - regulation of emotions, getting rid of anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, guilt, relationship difficulties, crisis situations, depression, burnout, violence endured, getting rid of childhood traumas, raising self-esteem, searching for yourself, getting to know yourself, your awareness of resources, getting to know one's talents and abilities, awareness of one's role, finding the meaning of life, falling in love with oneself and many other issues that are important to the client himself. I consult in person and also remotely. I work in Latvian and Russian.

With a referral from a family doctor, it is possible to receive 10 State-paid consultations with a clinical psychologist.



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