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fibro discs
fibro discs
floor sanders
cutting disc 125mm 300mm 350mm
calibrating tapes
klingspor 75x457 75x533 100x610
Klingspor grinding wheels
leaf discs
tapes 120mm 150mm
Self-adhesive discs
Wide belts
Beveled for the workbench
sanding tape PS 18E
sandpaper discs
Diamond disc for concrete asphalt
Diamond disc with flange
Cutting disc z960tx
Abrasive sanding blocks
Deerfos Klingspor self-adhesive discs
Ncd200 nylon disc
200x750mm tapes
Abrasive block
Abrasive brushes
Protective cap
Stone polishing
Stone grinding
Asphalt drive
Car sanding
Cubitron discs
Diamond disc
Diamond cutter
Diamond cutters
Diamond segments
Sanding brush
Sanding cork
Grinding machine disc
Grinding machine accessories
Slope sponge
3m disc
Abrasive block
Pipe grinding
EVENTUS crown drill
EXACT countersink set
Klingspor diamond disc
Cobalt drill set
Metal drill set
Milling cutters for metalworking
Special drill
Screwdriver set
Tap set
Carbide drill bit
Diamond polishing disc
Application of drills
Surface sanding disc


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About us offers customers professional grade abrasive materials at an affordable price, ensuring the best price-quality ratio on the market. We provide abrasives to professional woodworking and metalworking companies, construction service providers, craftsmen, as well as trade and rental companies, etc. We carry out prompt execution of orders and look for the most suitable solution for each specific customer's need.


  • Diamond discs
  • Cutting discs
  • Polishing discs
  • Self-adhesive abrasives
  • Grinding blocks and sanding sponges
  • Sanding belts
  • Sandpaper
  • Accessories and special products
  • Drills



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Abranet. Goldflex. Autonet. Mirlon. Hiolit, Cubitron, Trizact, Scotchbrite, Abralon. Abrasive sponges. Unilateral oblique sponges. Abrasive screen. Sanding sponge. Sanding machine base. Abrasive belts for floor sanding. Abrasive belts for solid wood. Polishing discs for interior decoration, polishing discs for gypsum grinding, materials for gypsum cardboard grinding. Abrasive sponges. Sanding sponges. Sanding corks. Grinding pads. Abrasive felt. Felt disc. Brush sander, strip grinder, fladders, fan disc. Sandpaper in sheets. Cloth sandpaper. Sandpaper on fabric base. Sandpaper on synthetic base. Fibro discs. Fiber discs. Nylon fiber discs. Fiber disc holder. Cupcakes. Sanding belts, abrasive belts. Tapes for glass, tapes for wood, tapes for steel, tapes for stainless steel, Inox grinding, stainless steel grinding, steel grinding. Polishing bands for hand sanders. Slippers, abrasive spirals. Nylon polishing bands. Polyroll. Surgical tool sharpening, knife sharpening. Cutting discs, cutting discs. Graphite tape, abrasive tapes, abrasive materials, abrasives, alumina, aluminum zirconium, ceramic aluminum oxide. Sandcanvas. Abrasive paper. Sandpaper in rolls. Fiber disc with velcro. Steel polishing, metal polishing. Grinding discs for parquet. Parquet renovation. Floor sanding. Floor renovation, parquet restoration, parquet renovation. Old floor renovation. Wooden floor restoration, wood floor sanding. Wooden floor restoration. Ceramic grinding discs, aluminum zirconium discs, aluminium oxide discs. Klingspor, MIRKA, DEERFOS, 3M, Starcke, Flexipad, Festool, Makita, BOSCH, Cubitron. Abrasive cones. Grindstones. Grinding discs for wood, grinding discs for metal, grinding discs for steel. Abrasive paper cylinders. Grinding cylinder. Combined leaflet cylinders. Final processing cylinders. Final processing discs. Lamella grinding disc, combined lamella grinding discs. Graphite tape. Calibrated tapes, wide belts, sander for grinding machines. Velcro sheets. Mini polishing discs. 76mm disc, 100mm disc, 230 mm disc, 406mm disc, floor pads, lubrication discs, abrasive brushes, brushes. Thumb brush, fladders, grinding brushes, foundations, protective cap, diamond cutter, diamond segments, Tynex. 125x1mm, 250mm Sandpaper, 125x6mm. Sandcanvas in rolls. Sandpaper bonding, production. Sandpaper in Riga. Sandpaper delivery to carpentries, factories, sanding belts, custom-made sanding belts. Sanding sponge, sandpaper rolls, sandpaper roll trade. 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