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Polyurethane coating car cargo boxes Riga, Center of Riga
Polyurethane coatings for car truck surfaces Riga
Surface polyurethane protective coatings for cars Riga Latvia Latvia
Surface polyurethane coatings construction construction Riga Latvia
Pool, polyurethane surface treatment of baths Riga, Baltics
Car truck Truck surface treatment Riga Latvia
Car trailer truck polyurethane surface treatment Riga Latvia
Spray polyurethane coating
Spray polyurethane coating
Polyurethane coating
Protective coating for vehicles
Protective coating for environmental objects
Protective coating for vehicles
Industrial protective coatings
Protection from shrapnels
Industrial protective coatings
Protective coating for vehicles

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  3. 23.07.2013
  4. 23.07.2013
  5. Andromedas gatve 7 – 14, Rīga, LV-1084

Spray polyurethane coating

"Baltic Bullet Liner" exists as a company since 2013. year, but the beginnings of the company's activity can be traced back to 2007. in the year when polyurethane technology/its benefits were introduced and learned in Latvia. Over the years, the owner of the company learned the technology of polyurethane coating, and now, by keeping the composition of the company's professionals unchanged, he is able to provide the highest quality polyurethane coating for any surfaces, objects and objects. Baltic Bullet Liner has expanded its activities over the years, offering polyurethane coatings not only for vehicles, but also for floor coverings, decors, design elements and many other items and solutions. The newest line of activity offered by the company is CNC foam cutting, fulfilling various customer wishes, additionally offering to cover the created objects with a protective or decorative layer of polyurethane.



  • Protective coating for vehicles
  • Protective coating for environmental objects
  • Use of polyurethane for military purposes
  • Industrial protective coatings
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