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  3. 14.01.2014
  4. 14.01.2014
  5. Ieriķu iela 14 – 5, Rīga, LV-1084


SIA BALTRUS is the only official representative of Indel b in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine. Our company BALTRUS offers additional equipment for vehicles - car refrigerators, car air conditioners, car coffee machines, car microwave ovens, car tables, curtains for trucks, as well as their installation, service and repair. The company BALTRUS is the official representative of the companies Indel B, ACITOINOX, KIRK electronic, Marlen Truck - StylingGmbH, COBRA, SNOOPER, HELLA, KELSA, ELGENA, etc. distributor in the market of the Baltic, Ukrainian, Russian and Customs Union countries.


  • Truck accessories
  • Car refrigerators
  • Coffee machines
  • Car conditioners
  • Car vacuum cleaners
  • Seats heating
  • Michelin Man Volvo
  • Wheel equipment
  • Auto chemistry and cleaning products
  • Accessories for the driver's cabin
  • Drivers clothing
  • Truck lighting
  • Cargo securing
  • Fuel equipment



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